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Category: Transmission Fluid.
Part No: 08886-02105
Type: fully-synthetic
Manufacturer: Exxon Mobil Japan
Volume: 4L
Packing: steel can, 6pcs/case
Available Containers: 4L, 20L
Containers: 4L, 20L
Description: Toyota genuine Continuously Variavle Transmission Fluid. This fluid is used in vehicles with Toyota SUPER CVT.
Note: Wholesale only! The minimum order quantity is 50 packages of any oil from our assortment.

Transmission Codes: K110, K111, K111F, K112, K112F, K210, P210, K310, K311, K311F, K410, K41A.
List of Toyota Super- CVT Models:
Allion: AZT240, ZRT260, ZRT261, ZRT265, NZT260
Alphard: ATH10W, ANH20W, ANH25W
Auris: ZRE152H, NZE151H, ZRE154H, NZE154H
Belta: SCP92, KSP92
Blade: AZE156H, AZE154H
Corolla Axio: ZRE142, NZE141, ZRE144, NZE144
Corolla Fielder: ZRE142G, NZE141G, ZRE144G, NZE144G
Corolla Rumion: ZRE152N, NZE151N, ZRE154N
Estima: AHR10W, ACR50W, ACR55W
iQ: KGJ-10
Ist: NCP110, NCP115
Mark X Zio: ANA10, ANA15
Noah: ZRR70W, ZRR70G, ZRR75W, ZRR75G, ZAR60G, ZAR65G
Opa: ACT10
Premio: AZT240, ZRT260, ZRT261, ZRT265, NZT260
Ractis: NCP100, SCP100
Sienta: NCP81G
Vanguard: ACA38W, ACA33W
Vitz: NCP91, SCP90, KSP90, SCP13
Voxy: ZRR70W, ZRR70G, ZRR75W, ZRR75G, ZAR60G, ZAR65G
Wish: ZGE21G, ZGE22W, ZGE20G, ZGE20W, ZGE25G, ZGE25W, ANE11W, ANE10G

  • Model: 08886-02105
  • 0 Units in Stock

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 March, 2009.

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