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Category: Diesel Engine Oil.
Product Name: BESCO CLEAN SUPER 10W-40.
Part Number: 1-88405802-0
API: CF Equivalent
SAE: 10W-40
Type: mineral
Volume: 20L
Packing: steel pail
Available Containers: 20L only
Description: top of the range BESCO-brand diesel engine oil, specially formulated by Isuzu for the trucks with Diesel Particulate Defuser system, installed in most of modern diesel trucks. This oil is an up-grade version of ISUZU BESCO CLEAN 10W-30, raises the performance of the engine and covers wider range of temperatures. Excellent for all year use, overloads and tough road conditions. Officially approved by Isuzu, Nissan, Nissan Diesel and Mazda as high grade diesel oil and is recommended for the majority of trucks in Japan. Can be used in all trucks, including older trucks without DPF.

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